Stroline ConPlug
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It is a cement based, one-component sudden setting plug. It is used in basins, in elevator wells, in underground garages, in cisterns, in tunnels in reservoirs to stop water leaks on all surfaces with water leaks.
Stroline ConPlug Stroline Söve: İç ve Dış Cephe Süslemeleri ve Yalı Baskı Mantolama Stroline ConPlug 0
• Indoors and outdoors, in vertical and horizontal applications,
• In the repair of static cracks,
• Isolation of active water leaks,
• Waterproofing of pipe and cable conduits,
• In the repair of defects in the concrete,
• Filling and clogging of water leaks before insulation,
• In filling tie-rod iron gaps,
• Concrete edge and corner joints in chamfering and cold joint repair,
• Used for fixing metal anchors and fasteners.

• Insulation materials can be applied after 15 minutes.
• It does not cause corrosion of steel fixtures because it does not contain chlorine.
• It can be used safely in drinking water tanks.
• It is one component, it is mixed with water only.
• Stops active water leaks by sudden power outage.
• Easy to use.
• Expands to form a water impermeable plug.
• Has high strength and stability.

Care must be taken to ensure that the application surface is intact. The surface should be thoroughly cleaned of all kinds of oil, grease, rust, tar, paint and curing materials that will reduce adherence.

The gloves should be worn during preparation as a water plug. A handful of the powder should be mixed until the dough consistency is achieved.

Water is prepared for the hole and the plug is pressed and pressed.

5 kg plastic bucket

It should be stored in original unopened package, in cool and dry environment, protected from freezing. In short-term storage, a maximum of 3 pallets must be placed on top of each other and shipped with the first-in first-out system. In long-term storage, pallets should not be placed on top of each other. 12 months from date of manufacture under appropriate storage conditions. Opened packages should be kept tightly closed in suitable storage conditions and used within one week.

• In STROLINE CON PLUG application, suitable temperatures should be expected if ambient and surface temperature is below + 5 ° C or above + 25 ° C.
• The STROLINE CON PLUG has a fast setting at the end of the rising hydration heat. It should be kept moist for 15 minutes. This time should be 30 minutes on dry and absorbent surfaces.
• The operating and reaction times of systems containing special cements are affected by the ambient and ground temperature and relative humidity in the air. At low temperatures the reaction slows down, which extends the life of the pan and the working time. High temperatures accelerate the reaction and the above times are shortened accordingly. For the material to complete the course, the ambient and ground temperature must not fall below the minimum permissible temperature.
• In cold weather applications, in order to maximize the working knowledge of the material, It should be prepared at + 20 ° C / + 25 ° C and the preparation should be prepared and the mixture should be prepared with hot water.

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