Efor Kristalize
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Crystallized waterproofing material applied on concrete in negative and positive direction against surface waters of cement based, potent, old and new structures.
Efor Kristalize Stroline Söve: İç ve Dış Cephe Süslemeleri ve Yalı Baskı Mantolama Efor Kristalize 0
Efor Kristalize Stroline Söve: İç ve Dış Cephe Süslemeleri ve Yalı Baskı Mantolama Efor Kristalize 1
  • Easy to prepare and apply.
  • It is applied by brush.
  • STROLINE KRISTALIZE, with the permanent (insoluble) crystals it forms, fills the gaps and provides water impermeability.
  • Protect concrete and fixtures from corrosive effects of water.
  • It is resistant to negative and positive water pressure.
  • It is water vapor permeation. It is resistant to freeze-thaw cycles.
  • The crystals you create are insoluble, non-separable from the surface and do not age.
  • It is used safely in drinking water tanks.
  • Indoors and outdoors, in vertical and horizontal applications,
  • In foundation and curtain water insulation,
  • In water tanks,
  • Tunnels,
  • In elevator pits,
  • On retaining walls,
  • In dams and ports,

Care should be taken to ensure that the cement-based surfaces of the structures to be applied are intact, dry, free from dust, clean and at the same time level. , pores should be opened to increase adherence. The iron and wooden chocks on the surface should be removed and active water leaks and gaps should be filled with appropriate repair mortar and beveled at corners and edges at least 4 cm radius. Application surface should be saturated with water one day before and application should be started when it is wet.

Mixing water should be added on STROLINE EFOR CRYSTALIZED SODIUM placed in clean mixing vessel. Do not reverse the procedure and mix enough material to be used within 20 minutes. STROLINE EFOR CRYSTALLIZE mix water slowly and mix with a 400-600 rpm mixer for 3-5 minutes until a homogenous and lumpy mixture is obtained. After resting for about 3-5 minutes and mixing again for 30 seconds, material handling becomes ready.

Mixture Water Amount 6.00 liters 
Mixture Density 2.00 kg / liter

STROLINE EFOR CRYSTALIZED is applied with a brush to the surface which has been previously saturated with water. The second coat can be applied if the first coat has reached adequate hardness without losing water and starting to crystallize. This time can be considered as 3 - 5 hours depending on ambient temperature. The application time between coats should be less than 6 hours.

STROLINE EFOR CRYSTALIZATION after application, the material should be prevented from losing water fast. Certainly no curing liquids should be used. It must be kept absolutely wet for 5-7 days. After 24 hours of STROLINE EFOR CRYSTALLIZE application in the water tanks, the tank is filled and the depth of the crystal formation and the depth of population are increased.

First Floor Consumption: 1.00 kg / m² powder product
Second Floor Consumption: 1,00 kg / m² powder product

25 kg polyethylene reinforced Kraft bag

• Suitable temperatures should be expected at temperatures below + 5 ° C or above + 30 ° C.
• STROLINE EFOR CRYSTALLIZED applied at + 23 ° C, gains mechanical strength after 1 day, becomes waterproof after 7 days and reaches its final strength after 14 days. High temperatures shorten the duration, extending low temperatures.
• In outdoor applications, the surface must be protected from the sun, wind, rain or frost for the first 24 hours.
• The amount of material to be consumed should be prepared within 20 minutes.

It should be stored in original unopened package, in cool and dry environment, protected from freezing. In short-term storage, a maximum of 3 pallets must be placed on top of each other and shipped with the first-in first-out system. In long-term storage, pallets should not be placed on top of each other. 12 months from date of manufacture under appropriate storage conditions. Opened packages should be kept tightly closed in suitable storage conditions and used within one week.