Bitumen Based Waterproofing Products
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Bitüm Esaslı Su Yalıtım Ürünleri Stroline Söve: İç ve Dış Cephe Süslemeleri ve Yalı Baskı Mantolama Bitumen Based Waterproofing Products 0
Product Name / Code:  Bitüm Likit Membran/  BT 102
Features: Bitumen - rubber solvent based,is a ready-to-use bitumen solution that does not contain any filler. It is a waterproofing material which forms a membrane in place when it is dry, which does not penetrate whole water and steam.
Usage  areas:  Indoor and outdoor, vertical and horizontal positive in practice, basic, curtains, culverts, art constructions underground parts, retaining in walls, in gardens, in floral insulation, in gluing heat insulation  plates in curtains and as waterproofing.

Product Name / Code:  Bitüm Astar/  BT 101
Features:  The ready-made bituminous membrane primer and waterproofing material obtained by mixing bitumen and water with special methods. As the water within it evaporates then water on the surface impermeable layer.
Usage areas:  All types of bituminous membranes and bituminous liquid membranes are applied vertically and horizontally before application. Grobeton is used in building areas such as foundation, curtain, retaining wall, art works, culverts.

Product Name / Code:  Bitüm/  TS 61
Features:  Polymer - Bitumen modified, two component, solvent free, high elasticity and adherence waterproofing material.
Usage areas:  It is used in interior and exterior places, in vertical and horizontal applications, as positive insulation, foundation, curtains, culverts, underground parts of art structures, in retaining walls, in glazing, in floral insulation, in glazing heat insulation plates and as water insulation.