Con Plug Serpme
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Special cement based mortar that provides water isolation by blocking the water leaks coming from the frozen ground in water
Con Plug Serpme Stroline Söve: İç ve Dış Cephe Süslemeleri ve Yalı Baskı Mantolama Con Plug Serpme 0
• Parking lots
• Elevator Gaps
• Basements etc.

• The water in the narrow and wide floors stops plugging.
• Possibility to apply the application surface without water purification
• Easy application

Existing water is discharged through the pump.

It is used in powder form.

25 kg craft bag

• In STROLINE CON PLUG SERPME application, ambient and surface temperature If it is below + 5 ° C or above + 25 ° C, appropriate temperatures should be expected.
• Rapid set-up as a result of rising hydration heat. It should be kept moist for 15 minutes. This time should be 30 minutes on dry and absorbent surfaces.
• The operating and reaction times of systems containing special cements are affected by the ambient and ground temperature and relative humidity in the air. At low temperatures the reaction slows down, which extends the life of the pan and the working time. High temperatures accelerate the reaction and the above times are shortened accordingly. For the material to complete the cure, the ambient and ground temperature must not fall below the minimum permissible temperature.
• In cold air applications, to maximize the processing properties of the material, the packages should be conditioned at + 20 ° C to + 25 ° C and prepared for use with hot water.

It should be stored in original unopened package, in cool and dry environment, protected from freezing. In short-term storage, a maximum of 3 pallets must be placed on top of each other and shipped with the first-in first-out system. In long-term storage, pallets should not be placed on top of each other. 12 months from date of manufacture under appropriate storage conditions. Opened packages should be kept tightly closed in suitable storage conditions and used within one week.