Bitüm TS 61
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Bitüm Ts 61 Stroline Söve: İç ve Dış Cephe Süslemeleri ve Yalı Baskı Mantolama Bitüm TS 61 0
• Absolute waterproofing,
• Water based,
• Fast drying,
• High strength and elasticity,
• Excellent adhesion,
• In most applications, there is no need for reinforcement.

• Damp rooms, kitchen, laundry etc. waterproofing of floors of wet areas,
• Protection of underground concrete constructions for waterproof purposes,
• It is used to protect concrete from corrosive effects.

Two-component, water-based liquid water suitable for manual applications requiring fast drying
insulation material. STROLINE BIT TS 61, environment friendly, black bitumen - polymer liquid water
insulation material. Betona is a solid, solid, flexible, smooth surfaces. STROLINE BIT TS 61 is applied as a thick layer using trowel on the floor and walls.

• The surfaces to be treated must be intact, free from dirt, dust, grease and loose particles.
• Can be applied to moist surfaces, but should not be applied to water-filled surfaces.
• Absorbent surfaces should be primed with 250-300 gr / m² consumption of Bituminous Primer.
• 2-4 hours drying of the primer should be expected.

• Component B (powder) is poured into component A (bituminous liquid) and mixed at the same time with a drill (600-800 rpm) equipped with a mixer.
• Steel trowel is used for application.
• New concrete can be applied 48 hours after casting.
• If multiple layers are applied, the previous layer drying is expected.
• The waterproofing layer must be protected before the soil is backfilled.
• Backfill, 2m from the insulation wall. should be compressed away with a manual compactor. Heavy clamping machines should not be allowed to approach the wall of the insulation. The backfill should not contain stones over 40 mm. Screed or concrete should be laid on the fence laid with CBR puncture strength over 1000 kN to the horizontal surfaces which are insulated.

It is 2.5-4 kg / m² depending on surface properties.

STROLINE BIT TS 61 is supplied as a 32 kg set consisting of 24 kg of bitumen based solution and 8 kg of cement based dust.

• Store by protecting it from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
• In tropical climates it has to be stored in air-conditioned areas.
• In cold climates it should be stored in a heated environment above +10 ºC.
• It should not be frozen.
• Shelf life is 12 months if the above storage conditions are adhered to.

• Gloves should be used during use.
• The product should be avoided from skin and eye contact.
• In case of contact, the contact area should be washed with plenty of water.
• If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately.